Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 102- At least I think it's day 102

So, as I've mentioned before; once The Hubbs and I got through that first push, going plastic free is pretty easy. As a general rule, unless we are buying food, we don't have much of an issue. And I'm sure you all want to hear about my day to day comments.... Hey lookie! I cut my toe nails. Weeeee!

Things have been changing recently, though. Spring has definitely sprung here in the great white north. This means that I can FINALLY go to the farmers market. I love farmers markets, I would seriously go to one daily if I could. Unfortunately, I have illusions of grandeur with regard to markets. I want there to be thousands of vendors and I want there to be gorgeous fruit and veggies. In reality, it's a bunch of herbs (in plastic!) and jelly. Though, I do like jelly. It's delicious. Well, I don't need herbs, the Hubbs built me an awesome herb garden for our balcony. I will keep trying the market; it has to get good sometime, yes?

Speaking of herbs, we found that we wouldn't really be able to make bruschetta or caprese salad this summer without herbs like basil. And he can't make terrible things with cilantro (which tastes like soap) without, well, cilantro. We also couldn't buy a little container, because they were plastic. So, he made one! Now we have 8 little pots with herbs in them! The Hubbs got wood, and terra cotta pots, and we requisitioned some soil from the apartment complex. With a little tool action, we have a balcony herb garden, it's pretty exciting.

See our little basil?

So that's our exciting news for now.

Soon, I'll have a LUSH product review and the battle of clothes shopping.