Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 53- Wedding stuff

Note: I may have been slightly hyperbolic about cadbury eggs. I like them, but normally I don't have more than 8 a year.

ANYwho (MOM), this past weekend the Hubbs and I went to a wedding in Dallas. It was really very beautiful, and the first wedding that we've been to as a married couple. During the dinner and cocktail hour I noticed that there was lots of plastic cups and plates. This got me thinking about our wedding and how much plastic there was that day. But really, there wasn't that much plastic (and!! I have pictures for you) at all. Let me explain.

Let's talk about decor first. Yes, I did order table clothes instead of renting them and they all came in individual plastic bags and I had a ridiculous amount of cranberries, but that was about it. All of the centerpieces were wheat wrapped in ribbon, sticks stuck in cranberries ( I think we practically had a bog  there) and candles with rocks. So mostly plastic free, yes?

I must confess as a general rule I'm cheap, so when we picked out serving ware,  I didn't want to pay for real china. We had Whole Foods cater the whole wedding so one of their options is something called verterra plates. Turns out that verterra plates are made of the fallen leaves of the gumdrop, and they also look really cool. In addition to the verterra plates, we had cups made of corn and normal silver wear. We also had normal plates for cake; because really, who wants to scrape frosting off fallen leaves of the gumdrop?

And the best part? Whole Foods was awesome and composted the leftovers and my bog of cranberries. So, it is possible to be pretty plastic free. But if I thought of this idea before the wedding, now THAT would be a blog! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 47- The Joys of Easter

Wow, I've been AWOL for a while. Sorry 'bout that. I do have some fun updates though!

1) As most of you know, it's Lent right now. I am sad to say that I was unable to find a King Cake, which is just as well. Will won't eat King Cake until the baby is found, so I would be eating King Cake for days. Anyway, for Lent I gave up bacon. I was really good for the first 3 days, but then it was Sunday and I couldn't have bacon, so I had oatmeal. Let me just tell you, in case you didn't know, oatmeal does not compare to bacon. In case you are wondering, the Hubbs gave up soda.

2) At the end of Lent is Easter! I LOVE Easter, both for the bunnies and for the ham; it's my second favorite holiday. The best thing about Easter is the eggs. I don't just mean the deviled eggs, but also the Cadbury eggs. Now, I don't know if you've ever had a Cadbury Egg, but they are full of gooey tastiness.  I gorge on them for 2 weeks and I'm over it, but I do look forward them every year. The BEST part? They are foil wrapped, so my Easter is totally fair game. Sadly I can't nestle them in a bed of astroturf grass, but maybe I can get some weeds off the side of the road. Oh, yes. And Easter also means deviled eggs.

3) I've decided that this blog needs more pictures, I mean, who wants to READ? Last week, I bought some really cool wrap things, called kids konserve wraps.

Let me disclaim that, yes, these are plastic, but they are also reusable and they have a Velcro so they really well. Of course, I grew up in California and lived in Texas, so I have mad burrito wrapping skills.   I can use them to wrap cheese and take left overs. I've been carrying one around in my purse so if I need to take leftovers I'm not unprepared. Sadly, they came from a website called ecobabybuys, which freaked The Hubbs out. He was a little freaked out by baby things coming to the house.

So there you are, one picture!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 38- I have comments!

I just realized that I have a total of three comments. I feel so loved! No really, I do, it's like I'm a blog celeb. I'm on the W list, eat your heart out Kathy Griffin.

So, I would like to tell you about The Hubs and his amazing shopping skills. As some of you know, I have been vexed by toilet paper for a while. I suppose I could get off my lazy bum and find a janitorial supply shop to find paper wrapped paper. That seems a little redundant, but eh, whatevs. But Will found paper wrapped paper at Whole Foods. AND HOLY CRAP!!! I just looked online at Staples, and I can totally buy TP wrapped in paper. And I can have a glorious 48 rolls at a time. TP FOR ALL!! Ok people, you can come to my house and use the bathroom now. I know you are all piddling your pants in joy, but at least you have something to wipe with. Ok, enough TP jokes.

We also have been looking for mayo, well Will has been looking for mayo, I was content to make it at home. I don't know if you remember, but mayo used to come in those wavy glass jars? Then you get to use the jar to hold nuts and bolts and stuff? Yeah, doesn't happen anymore. Now we have easy squeezy jars, but we can't buy those. So anyway, not only did The Hubs get TP, but he also found mayo and old school milk containers. So for those of you keeping track- I can now have my sweet taters with a garlic mayo. I had it tonight, it was good. Then I ran to the store today and I found plastic free q-tips! Today, I feel that I defeated plastic.

My friend Erika also found this article for me: Beyond BPA

I haven't had a chance to can a lot of things, but the farmers markets are opening soon!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 33- Post Disney Bloat

As no one knew, the Hubbs and I went to Disney! It was really fun and an even bigger challenge to work with our plastic free lifestyle.

We brought a nalgene with us, and didn't buy a single bottle of water the whole time! But I couldn't stay away from 1) straws and 2) mickey mouse ice cream. I can't help it, I like to nibble his ears. Sorry Mickey. The interesting thing about disneyworld is that the staff or "cast member" is not allowed to give you  lidless cups. Though I kept trying to give the lids back, but alas, my Margarita needs to be lidded. Thank you sir, I shan't drop a drop.

So that's about the most exciting thing that has happened recently. We are doing some house shopping this weekend. That'll be a post.... The plastic free move.