Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 159- Shopping

So, my friend Katie over at The Katie Chronicles has this thing called Wednesday link-up. This is where you shop one site for cool stuff, this week is Etsy, and since Etsy is pretty eclectic I figured, hey let's shop for plastic alternatives. Or something.... Yeah.... Something.

Yes, we all know I love straws. But these are especially awesome because they have anchors and go with my navy and white/khaki wardrobe. Score. 

Coasters- And these are so pretty! These are great to make sure that your furniture stays water ring free. Yes, I know most coasters are not plastic, but I am also on a coaster kick this year. 

Water bottles- perfect for those like me that lose water bottles like pens. At least I can bean someone with these if someone tries to steal from me.

Hankie Panties- Excellent for looking good while you have a cold. I know I don't like to buy boxes of kleenex. On upside, you will stay flexible by having to wipe your nose on your butt. Yay!

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