Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 209- Review of LUSH products

So waaaaaay back in February I hit Lush to find some plastic free bath supplies. In all my wisdom, I chose to go to the mall (for those of you who aren't giggling inside) the Friday before Valentine's Day. This was not my brightest shining moment of intelligence, but I digress. I finally just went through the last little bit of the lush shampoo bar. So 6 months later, here is my timely Lush product review:

First the shampoo:   
Yes, I know; it looks like a white hockey puck, it's pretty creepy up close too. It looks like little worms. This is what took me forever to use up. I got the ylang ylang shampoo and it made my hair nice and soft and shiny. My hair was also dyed brunette for about 4 months of that time, and it helped the dye stay really really well. On the downside, I hate it when the bars break in half then you wind up with little slivers of soap. Overall I would give this a 6, it was nice to have, but I wouldn't buy it again. 

This is the Mange Too Massage bar. I really liked this, especially in the wintertime when it was so dry. It's far too heavy for the summer, and might give you a oiled look which isn't particularly my thing. Also, this bar has a very..... strong scent. When you are all covered because it's 8 degrees outside that fine, when it's 110 outside, I found that I smelled a bit like a dirty hippy. Well, a clean hippy, but patchouli isn't my favorite. All that being said, I would buy the lotion again especially in the winter. I give this one a 8.5

This the porridge soap bar, you get to choose how much soap you would like to buy off this huge wheel 'o soap. I used soap a lot in that last sentence. Soap soap soap. Anyway, this soap is fine, it smells pretty good, I didn't break out when using it and it meant I could word play on two breakfasts. The Hubbs got pretty tired of my Lord of the Rings impression "What about second breakfast?". I like the $2.00 soap from Trader Joe's way better and as you may have guessed, it's much less expensive. If I could only get it in a non-plastic wrapper. This one gets a 4. 

So there you are, the long overdue LUSH product review. Has anyone else tried LUSH products? What is your favorite? Why do I keep capitalizing LUSH? 


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