Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 215- Let it Begin

In honor of the recent events, I changed up the look of the blog. What do you think?

We have big news. BIG news. Approximately 3400 square feet of news. Can you guess? It rhymes with mouse.... Yes, the Hubbs and I bought a house! There will be updates on this house as time progresses, as it's a fine specimen of 1970s styling, but I will try to focus for the remainder of the year on the ability to be plastic free in both the move and the renovations.

Let's talk about packing first. As my mom likes to say, collecting china is a long a winding road to nowhere; so naturally I picked up that trait. If I had my druthers, I would wrap everything in bubble wrap, box it up, and call it a day. Well, we can't really do that now, so it's paper to the rescue. The Hubbs has been riding the DC metro to and from work recently, and on the metro, individuals are inclined to leave their newspapers. Score! Packing material. Really, we've been using the newspaper to fill the gaps in the boxes and purchasing paper from Home Depot to actually wrap the dishes. This way they are clean and not covered in metro cooties. We've also been buying individual boxes instead of a wrapped pack of boxes. But Carrie, you say, why don't you free cycle boxes from a grocery store? Well,  our last move as done by professional movers and they used standard size boxes, it was so much easier to pack the truck. So we now spend the $100 on boxes instead of $100 on gas tooling around to find the boxes. Thus far this is what the guest bedroom looks like:

Ok, I lied. There is another stack in there too. But you get the idea. Soon we'll be moving into the house, but for right now we've been working on it constantly. Let me just say that this:
Beautiful carpet, yes? 

The Hubbs and his glory work:

And this is what is underneath:

There is a special place in hell for those that carpet over hardwood. I say this as someone who's spent 6 hours this week pulling out carpet staples and tack strips by hand. 

Oh, and I've already bled my own blood and gotten a tetanus booster. Thanks carpeters. Thanks. 

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