Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 235- Post Move Blues

I left you last time, two weeks ago, with news that we bought a house and were moving. When The Hubbs and I left Texas to move to Maryland, while planning a wedding and dealing with several deaths; I figured that would have to be the hardest move ever, right? Wrong. So so wrong.

The real reason I've been away is because we started working on the house, and it turns out that we have A LOT more work to do.

 All these kitchen pictures? That's all gone. It turns out when a house sits empty for a year, it get mice. So instead of killing the mice in the walls, which would smell terrific, I'm sure, we gutted the kitchen. That table, the chairs and the bench are in the side room, supporting all the kitchen stuff. The floor, cabinets and counter top are gone, as is the sink.  This will be replaced at some point.

We are also working on the non-kitchen parts of the house:

All the carpet is off the hardwood and I just today finished hand scrubbing the floor. So now we can hang up sheets and get the kitchen sub floor up to work on the tile. 

Here's a look at what might lurk beneath your dryer..... If you have mice and three standard poodles. It smelled wonderful. I know you wish you had smell-o-internets

Remember when I mentioned that I though moving from Texas to Maryland would be hard? I was wrong. When The Hubbs and I moved in, it was raining, and then we got hit by a hurricane. So the first 5 days in our new home we had no power, no kitchen and mostly no furniture. It was so much harder; I still don't know where a lot of stuff went. But our new neighbor lost their kitchen and garage to several trees falling, so I guess I will be thankful.

I will be blogging about the move and how we are working on a plastic free renovation. I warn you now, this is about to become a reno blog with plastic thrown in. You were warned.

How did everyone else fair with the earthquake and storm? Any brilliant plastic free renovation tips?

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