Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 299- Tool Time

Hey everyone, you know what time it is? TOOL TIME.

I was thinking about Trading Spaces (did anyone else watch that?), and how they always had a $5000 budget. Sometimes you got awesome new floors, other times you would get a room covered in moss, thanks Hildi! But the thing that always really got me is that they didn't have to pay for the several THOUSANDS of dollars in tools. I mean, Ty was out there with a pricey table saw, it's not like I can build a hutch with a hand saw and keep my sanity.

When Will and I started this project, I thought we were doing pretty well with tools. We already had:

- sawsall
- two power drills & 1 baby one for small projects
- one circular saw
- two hammers
- a rocket level and a four foot level
- numerous screw drivers
- Numerous wrenches, including a graduated set
- chalk lines
- Pry bars
- 2 tape measures

And various other little things. Note; these are all now strewn across the house. Someday they might make it home.

We already those tools, but we had to buy another circular saw (the one we had was eating through batteries like crazy, so we got a corded saw), a tile saw, mortar paddle, float, electrical screw drivers (safety first!) and floor scraper.

Enter Dad. I've mentioned before that my dad is a general contractor, so his garage is literally full of tools. And he mailed them out to us!

Now we have a jigsaw, router, hand sander, belt sander, bottle jack and another drill. It was like Christmas!

My point is; sometimes I think the extreme cost of home renovation is based on the need to have a room full of tools.

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