Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 305- Devil's in the Details

Many couples are not able to renovate together. My parents, for example, fought over how many electrical plus were needed in the kitchen. So growing up, we literally had a plug every 2 feet. They were all used, so I don't really see how that's a problem. The main thing was that plugs were what throw-downs were made of in my family.

Hubbs and I have had a relatively easy time picking out what would go into the kitchen. Granite? 1 day process to choose. Tile floor? 30 minutes and ohhh! Home depot clearance! Cabinets? We want white, what's the best price?

Back splash? Cabinet pulls? Faucet? We'd come to a screeching halt. Part of the problem is that we are too close to Christmas and all I want for Christmas is something glittery. <--- This isn't my normal MO. The other part of the problem is that we are pooped by making so many design decisions.

After several weeks of deliberations, here are the finishes that we have chosen to far:


We visited a local hardware store that has over 5000 pulls only to find ones we like from Restoration Hardware. And because I am cool, I spent 2 hours looking up coupon codes because I thought it would be really expensive to get hardware there.  In the future,  I highly recommend LOOKING AT THE WEBSITE FIRST. Yeah.... they were having a 20% off sale. Which was advertised right on the front page of the website. My bad.

Here are our pulls: Grafton by Restoration Hardware.

The best part is they come in 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch; so we could get all the same hardware and adjust sizes per cabinet. And Will schmoozed it up and got us free shipping on all hardware. 


Will went by himself with the following directive: silver, pull out sprayer and one hole. Wow.... this whole post is just begging for dirty jokes. Anyway, after wandering through the store for 2 hours, and looking online with me for close to four (not in that order) he came home with this beaut:

Note: We didn't install the soap dispenser or that large bottom plate. This was so it would fit in the huge sink that we bought. We are brave, but no brave enough to drill a hole in a 134 pound sink that could crack. No siree!  The faucet is Lindsey by Moen.

And just to make me extra fancy, I found this faucet on Moen's site:

They look very similar, right? Well, I feel fancy and flush with cash, as they have a $300 difference!

So, there are some of the details. Now, I'm off to paint considering my roller is thawed out. 

PS- Still working on backsplash. But we are taking ideas!

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