Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 294- Maybe a (lin)dingo ate your baby

That's right ladies and gents! We have all the cabinets in! They even have all the little do-dads that go along with them. Like doors, and shelves, and THREE lazy susans. I don't know if that last part means we are really lazy or we have too much crap. You can decide for yourself.

First, let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

This is where we started. Somewhere in what I like to call "The Sound of Music chic". A little knottie pine, some large hinges and let's not forget the metal tile back splash.

This was all accented by some lovely cornflower blue paint and flower printed laminate that had seen better days. 

And so we say, farewell dear Swiss chic kitchen. Auf weidersen, goodbye!

While we are at it, let's get rid of that peeling linoleum. And rotting MDF. 

Perhaps we should not have giant holes leading into our basement, but you notice that we still have the uppers. Oh, we were hopeful to not have to get rid of everything. 

Annnnnd, we were wrong! So let's take down the walls too. Right after the hole in the floor was closed up. Naturally. 

But, it was only for a brief time, there's our brand new drywall. Yes, some is still on the floor. 

Now we have the upper boxes in and all the drywall up!

And now... We have uppers! We have lowers! We have doors!

We have a penisula!  With drawers!

And BAM, now we have a sink and counter tops. And some floor. That floor is still not done. 

As you may have guessed; we have lindingo cabinets from Ikea. We really are liking them, even though all they currently hold are tools. Is tools? Someone help me out. 

So that is my big fancy, news. Anyone else have some fun news for me?

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