Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 53- Wedding stuff

Note: I may have been slightly hyperbolic about cadbury eggs. I like them, but normally I don't have more than 8 a year.

ANYwho (MOM), this past weekend the Hubbs and I went to a wedding in Dallas. It was really very beautiful, and the first wedding that we've been to as a married couple. During the dinner and cocktail hour I noticed that there was lots of plastic cups and plates. This got me thinking about our wedding and how much plastic there was that day. But really, there wasn't that much plastic (and!! I have pictures for you) at all. Let me explain.

Let's talk about decor first. Yes, I did order table clothes instead of renting them and they all came in individual plastic bags and I had a ridiculous amount of cranberries, but that was about it. All of the centerpieces were wheat wrapped in ribbon, sticks stuck in cranberries ( I think we practically had a bog  there) and candles with rocks. So mostly plastic free, yes?

I must confess as a general rule I'm cheap, so when we picked out serving ware,  I didn't want to pay for real china. We had Whole Foods cater the whole wedding so one of their options is something called verterra plates. Turns out that verterra plates are made of the fallen leaves of the gumdrop, and they also look really cool. In addition to the verterra plates, we had cups made of corn and normal silver wear. We also had normal plates for cake; because really, who wants to scrape frosting off fallen leaves of the gumdrop?

And the best part? Whole Foods was awesome and composted the leftovers and my bog of cranberries. So, it is possible to be pretty plastic free. But if I thought of this idea before the wedding, now THAT would be a blog! 

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