Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 275- On or off? On or Off?

Hot on the heels of our plumbing extravaganza, we had the electrician come and get us all wired and up to code (extra points if you got my lame pun). The Hubbs and I figured if we have the walls open already, lets go ahead and get under cabinet lighting run to a light switch. Because, obviously, that's classier then using up wall sockets, I mean c'mon. But I digress. There are many things that I am comfortable doing and using my good friend Google to figure out; running wiring off a light switch isn't one of them. We also had some wires just sticking out of the wall, where the microwave/hood/ 1960s over stove monstrosity was previously. My apologies, I don't have any pictures of the stove before we bought the house, it was removed as a part of negotiations prior to closing. So we needed to figure that out as well. Oh, and there was the little light switch debate as well.

For those of you who don't want to read that wall-o-text

1) Run wire to a light switch for under cabinet lights
2) Rerun vent hood/built in microwave line
3) Move the silly light switch

Friday, the electrician arrives and informs me that:

1) We can run this no problem, but since we are going to use LED lights, we have to run a driver to fix the voltage
2) The microwave needs it's own circuit, but we are getting some beefy plug additions to the kitchen too.
3) We have to pull more walls down to get the light switch moved.

Let's talk about this light switch for a moment. There are two lights in our kitchen, one switch is by the side more that was painted shut and required 200lbs of force to open. The other was by the side room that was a sunroom.

In other words, we would have to walk way to the corners of the room to turn on kitchen lights. This is annoying. Again, we have walls open and this is about making the kitchen work for us, so we are moving the switch! So we added one to the entrance by the dining room. Which is where the main flow from the house into the kitchen will come from.

So in short; we are up to code, will be well illuminated and can easily command the power of electricity from a more convenient entrance.

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