Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 281- Well, lookie there

It was a long week of assembling, gluing and in one case, disassembling. In total we purchased 9 cabinets and it took a full week to get them together. Some of the cool things about Ikea is that we were able to purchase lazy susans to fill the space. Now we have less dead space and more storage. We don't have any normal lower cabinets, actually. More on all that later. 

We did get the wall cabinets in and my are they pretty. Ikea also has this cool system where you hang a metal strip on the wall and then hang the cabs from that strip. Easy peasy, right? Well, yes, except our brand new drywalls aren't completely level so it required some tinkering.

Three down
As you can see in this picture there is at least one level in the room. If I'm being really honest, I will tell you that hanging the cabinets required three levels. A four foot, a rocket and laser level. That laser level was hanging out in the pantry on top of the sugar jar. It has a sweet tooth. You'll also note, because we are really cool, that we have the directions stapled to the wall. We were worried that we would miss a step. 

Wait, let me make sure they are level again
At this point, the Hubbs looked over at me (I was on the floor assembling yet another box) and asked what we were missing. To which I responded "base cabinets, paint, tile, trim, a sink....". But his point was, all the sudden our kitchen was starting to look like a functional kitchen again. And what I thought was the laser level blinding me was really the light at the end of the tunnel. That's right, I'm going to cook something in this house soon. BRING IT ON PAULA DEEN!! And I might get to do dishes in a sink! Not a bathtub, a real honest to goodness sink. 
There we are, three cabinets down, 6 more to go. But we didn't stop there, oh now. We hung to more. Thanks levels!! Those five cabinets are within 1/16 of an inch from each other. They are nothing if not precise. I say: the floor is sloping, but my cabinets are straight!

Uppers. Up. Ers
Oh, and I think that we will have a functioning kitchen in 2 weeks. Saaaaweet!

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