Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 277- Itchy scratchy

Now that we are plumbed and wired, it time for some walls. I know, more walls. I'm one of those strange people that enjoys walls on all sides. So there you go.

So Saturday morning, our kitchen looked like this:

Kitchen part of the room

Where the breakfast nook will live

Prior to adding drywall, I hung the rest of the insulation and had a grand ol' time with the spray foam. As I've mentioned 700 once or twice, there was a problem with mice. So we spray foamed the crap out of any entrance to the kitchen from below. It was really fun in a "I like baking soda and vinegar volcanoes" kind of way. 

Also in my infinite wisdom, I chose to wear crocs while hanging insulation. Crocs with holes on top.

I would not recommend doing this again, as the fibers from insulation will get into your shoes and make your feet itch for days on end. So needless to day, I was doing a strange little tap dance while hanging drywall for the day. And the even better part is that I was wearing them yesterday while working on the floor and my feet still itched when I went to bed. My crocs are getting a bath. I would show you pictures of me hanging drywall and insulation, but my husband thought it would be hysterical to enlarge the already ripped hole in my work pants. Instead of changing, I used knee pads to keep my pants around my leg. Again, classiest lady ever. Right here. 

Then we hung the mold resistant drywall (because there will be a sink, dontcha know) and we are ready for cabinets!

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