Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 10- The Hubs Goes Grocery Shopping

First of all I would like to comment on my comma use, I am aware that I might be possibly abusing commas; I just can't quite get on board with the whole semicolon thing.

I mentioned in my last entry that Will went to the grocery store. Now going to the store is a daunting task and I am waiting for the farmers market to open. So anyway, he went to the store and I figured I would be set for the whole week for food, because you know, that's why one goes to the store, right? I was sadly mistaken. It's Wednesday, and I am about out of food. He did an excellent job of getting red onions and oranges, but I can only eat so many of those before my clients run screaming from my office. This might take a little work. AND he bought kielbasa wrapped in plastic. I wept a little, but in all, I guess he did pretty well. The main thing is really that we are slowly running out of things that we had pre-experiment with plastic. And now it'll become more difficult to find things afterwards.

I personally am a huge fan of Costco, it is important to me to have 64 rolls of toilet paper and 20 of paper towels at all times. If Armageddon does come, I can wipe my counters clean! We are down to 1 roll of toilet paper and 2 rolls of paper towels. The paper towels are such a big deal, I have rags that I can wipe the counters with and wash them afterwards, but the TP might be an issue. Now, if I owned my house, I could install a bidet and then I would be the fanciest person ever, but I somehow doubt the apartment will allow me to add a bidet. They aren't French enough. Bastards. But at work I've spied TP wrapped in paper. So, I wonder if I can get it somewhere in semi bulk. As I said before, I like to have 64 rolls at all times, not 128 rolls. That would just be crazy! So this weekend will be the search for:

1) a house
2) Toilet paper

We also ran out of tea, which we like to have shipped from South Africa, but I did find a tea shop in downtown Annapolis, so I'm hopeful that I can just buy some loose tea and a tea ball. I would prefer the non-clampy one, that thing is terrifying.

So that will be my mission over the next few days. I suppose if push comes to shove, I could get a Sears catalogue or a flat rock. But I would prefer to not head down that path. Let me know if you have any ideas!

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