Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 5- Back to the Store

So, I lied. I really went to the store yesterday. It was a rather long drawn out process and I wandered back and forth at least three times. On Monday I wrote a list of everything that we would need for the week, but Whole Foods didn't have rice in paper bags, Heinz Chili sauce or bag free bread. And I forgot the milk, mea culpa! So I went to Giant instead. First of all, I would like you to know that plastic free milk is pretty difficult to get. It used to be, back in the olden days when men were men and sheep were timid that you got cartons of milk and if you opened the wrong side you needed a knife to properly open the thing. Does anyone remember their milk from school lunches? Well, my friends, those days don't exist anymore. Now we have cartons with spouts on the side and big plastic jugs. I need a milk man. Whole Foods does carry glass milk containers, but with my extreme skill and dexterity it's not really the best idea. Moral of the story? I bought a plastic jug of milk. This will require research. I also picked up some cold cuts, which required a lot of back and forth about how the plastic sheets they were using are in fact, plastic. It said so right on the side! So finally, they go get butcher paper and have my meat on that, but try to wrap the whole thing in saran wrap. Sigh.... I need to bring containers. Anyway, the store was ok but it just takes more time and a lot more wandering the aisles.

Since people have been reading my blog, all 7 of you, I have had many (at least 3) people mention glass and metal straws. I knew I could depend on friends to uphold my straw sluttiness, so I will be trying some. I've discovered that I can get chocolate milk in cartons, so I think that will be my first straw drink. It'll be spectacular.

In other news, Will was at first heartbroken at the thought of no white Russians. How does one get crushed ice without buying it? I guess we could use the blender we got for our wedding, but I think that's still hiding under the bed in it's box. But we do have a snow cone maker. So on this happening Friday night, he's waiting patiently for the ice harvest to make his white Russians. So far life is good.

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