Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 12- Don't Hit the Mall Before Valentine's Day

A few days ago, dear readers, I talked about running out of stuff. I admit, contact solution totally flummoxed me. I did dig through all my suitcases in hope that one of those little travel size bottles might still be there, but I had to go buy more. I currently have the disposable contacts that you are supposed to throw away every two weeks. I throw mine out closer to a month, so hey, I'm trying. So this year, I'm hoping to get hard contacts so I don't have to throw out the little packets that my contacts come in all the time. Maybe one day when we can afford an island, I'll get lasik or something.

I also went to Lush today to get a shampoo bar. The nice lady there attempted to get me to buy one bar that smelled like patchouli, but I don't really want to smell like a hippy, so I got the orange smell instead. I will let you know how it works, but I still have a little shampoo left. Also on my list of dwindling supplies, lotion and soap from Trader Joe's. I replaced some of those today, but I'm hoping that if I go to TJ's they might be able to get the soap sans packaging. Or I could resort to petty theft and pilfer the soap from people.

Also, I discovered today that Chipotle is a totally acceptable take out food. I know they are owned by McDonald's, but I can't help myself! The best part is that if you get it to go, they use tinfoil and give you a bag! A paper bag. So if you avoid the cup and straw, you are good to go.

So for those of you that are keeping track, we've figured out how to make white russians, where we can get fast food, and how to shop at the store. I'm hoping to hit the butcher this weekend to see what our other choices are as well.  Keep it tuned.


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