Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 23- Foiled by Pho

You like what I did with the alliteration there?

So in general, living plastic free is only as hard as you make it. There are plenty of things that you can get plastic free, it just requires a bit more work. There are things that you cannot get plastic free, so you weep quietly on the inside. And then there are things that I can get plastic free, but they will ellude the Hubs. Case in point: Pho.

First of all, I need to sing the praises of Pho. Have you ever had this stuff? It's almost as delicious as bacon. Pho is a Vietnamese soup that normally comes in a huge bowl with noodles and thin slices of beef.

Like this

There's nothing for scale, but that bowl must be a large as my head, and my head is pretty normal sized. Pho is a wonderful left over from when the French occupied Vietnam, rice noodles in a clear broth that you add basil and siracha to for some kick. Whoops, just drooled on my keyboard. hawt. Generally,  one does not eat Pho at the restaurant, but rather, gets take out. And that's what we did. Getting take out requires significantly more thought now that we are trying to be plastic free, and we didn't think about how to get the Pho home, we just thought about getting it into our bellies. So I arrived home looking forward to Pho, and was greeted by the following scene:

Noodles, meat, onions and cilantro (yeeeck) in a plastic bowl with a plastic lid
Basil, sprouts, lime and basil in a plastic baggie
Broth in a plastic container
All wrapped up in a plastic bag

Times 2.

Sigh.... I about wept. We had been trying so hard to be plastic free, I was the crazy lady who shoveled snow with a mixing bowl because I didn't want to buy a plastic shovel (and it already snowed, what of it?), and NOW?! I have 10 pieces of plastic. So, I have to think about take out some more. And don't worry, I still ate the Pho. As I said before, it's delicious.

We also got ding dongs over the weekend, I remember them as little foil wrapped pucks of chocolate and high fructose corn syrup. But now?  Pucks of chocolate and high fructose corn syrup hermetically sealed in a plastic bag. I guess that's ok though, I haven't eaten a ding dong in years.

The point is, sometimes we are still stumped by everyday things that we haven't thought about. So, more thinking for us!

By the way, did anyone watch How I Met Your Mother last night? My south Pacific garbage patch made an appearance. And it's twice the size of Texas, but 1/8 the size of Canada. Tru Fax.

PPS- I know there are misspellings, I can't get spell check to work. Fret not, I will get it fixed.

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