Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 15- Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, it's the day of love. The day of flowers and chocolates and quite a polarizing day. Some people love Valentine's day even if they are single, some people hate Valentine's day even if they are in a relationship. Heck, some people hate Valentine's day BECAUSE they are in a relationship. I personally tried to convince Will that he should get a tennis bracelet, as it would be plastic free, but it didn't fly. Humph. OK, I didn't really, but now that I think about it, I should have.

We are actually managing to have a pretty plastic free holiday. I'm making dinner, which is pretty plastic free and then we'll have some wine. And wine, as you may or may not know, comes in glass bottles. SCORE. So on the menu is steak Diane, twice baked taters and chocolate eclairs. Since I made the eclairs, there's no plastic there! I tried to get plastic free steaks, but the butcher just stared at he while I tried to explain it should just be wrapped in paper. Really sir, I don't need a Styrofoam tray and then to have the thing vacuumed sealed. But that was really my only option. Store 1- Carrie 0. This isn't over yet! I shall overcome at the store!

 So while our dinner is pretty low key, I have been looking around at general gifts. Box of chocolates for your lady? Most likely in a pressed plastic holder to keep each bonbon fresh and pretty. Heaven forbid my raspberry cordial touch my caramel creme. And all those flowers come in plastic wrap. So as you can see, diamonds and booze are really the best choices. It really is interesting as I go about my daily life seeing how much plastic there is everywhere. Will will have to battle the dry cleaner soon, and I have to understand that my days of lazing on the couch with bonbons are gone.

I have been getting lots of questions on plastic free cleaning. So next time, I will talk about that. And I have tried the Lush stuff. I like the soap, but am not totally on board with the body lotion.

Have fun tonight! And remember, getting a VD on VD is not a good idea.

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