Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 19- I like Vinegar... a lot

One of the biggest questions that I've gotten since starting the plastic free life is; how do you get things clean? Most cleaning supplies come in some sort of plastic bottle and I've yet to come across somewhere where I can refill those bottles. I suppose I could revel in filth, but the Hubs said no. So, it's time to find ways around the plastic.

It's been rather interesting finding plastic free stuff. It really does require extra work, and for those of you wondering, no, we haven't found TP yet, we bought normal stuff at the store. The point really is, cleaning stuff should prove to be as difficult right? Well.... not really. I personally don't get the anti-bacterial stuff, so finding alternatives is actually pretty easy. Instead of using commercial cleaning stuff, I use a lot of household things. To wipe the counters down I use hot water with white vinegar. From what I understand, vinegar will disinfect germs and cut grease. And no, the house doesn't smell like vinegar.  The best part is: 1) Vinegar is super cheap and 2) you can get it in glass bottles. The cool thing about vinegar is that you can also throw it in the wash as a fabric softener and it'll keep the colors brighter too! Eat your heart out cheer.

I have lots of leftover bathroom cleaner. I apparently became a bathroom cleaner hoarder sometime before the move, but you can use vinegar there too! I mix it 3 parts water to vinegar and spray down the shower and shower curtain so I don't have mildew or hard water build up. I use that same mix to clean off the counters too. As for the toilet, well, I haven't gotten that far... But I have ideas. Maybe baking soda? There might be a later ode to baking soda.

Oh, and if I have a cold I drink little amounts of apple cider vinegar. I told you... I like vinegar... maybe too much. Vinegar intervention?

Check this website out for more ideas on how cool vinegar is : 100+ vinegar uses

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